A Year in the Vegetable Garden

A Quick Guide to What and When

JANUARY Sow mammoth onions.
Sow mammoth leeks from the 3rd week.
FEBRUARY Sow smaller varieties of onions. Sprout 1st Early potatoes.
Sow early tomatoes.
MARCH Sow Jolant leeks, early lettuce, chilli and sweet peppers, aubergine and brassica. Outdoor tomatoes varieties can be sown
APRIL Plant onions outdoors from end April. Plant out brassica.
Plant potatoes outdoors. Sow 1st beetroot and carrots outdoors.
MAY Plant exhibition leeks outdoors. All vegetable plants can now be planted outside once plants become ready. Sow leeks and purple sprouting broccoli for over wintering. From end month plant tomatoes outdoors
JUNE Sow salad crops in succession.
Courgettes, marrows, squash and pumpkin planted.
JULY Make sure exhibition vegetables are kept watered.
AUGUST Lettuce sown outdoors. Sow 1st winter lettuce.
Spring cabbage sown. Plant winter vegetables.
SEPTEMBER Harvest tender crops prior to frost. Sow winter salad vegetables. Plant overwintering onion sets. Move late planted potatoes under protection.
OCTOBER Garlic planted. Prepare exhibition onion and leeks ground for following season. Sow winter salad greens in greenhouse.
NOVEMBER Tidy vegetable plot of any debris. Clean greenhouse.
DECEMBER Boxing Day sow mammoth onions.
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